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In the Mood Massage Oil

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

We love the way these oils smell together, but we especially love the effects! This is a great DIY to share with your partner or even to make as a gift for a newlywed couple.

Check out the benefits of the ingredients in our Recipe of the Month below.

Ylang Ylang

  • The oil of romance.

  • Calming.

  • Stress relief.

  • Increases attentiveness + alertness.

  • Harmonizing.

  • Balances male-female energies.

  • Enhances spiritual attunement.

  • Combats anger + low self-esteem.

  • Filters our negative energy.

  • Restores confidence + peace.

Blue Spruce

  • Supports the body's healthy sensitivity to pain.

  • Increases relaxation.

  • Supports healthy cell growth + function.

  • Antioxidant properties.

  • Releases emotional blocks.

  • Many people have reported using this oil to support healthy testosterone levels.

  • Grounding + brings a feeling of balance.

Black Pepper

  • For a healthy metabolism.

  • Supports healthy weight management.

  • Digestive health.

  • Supports the body's natural response to inflammation + joint comfort, nerve, and muscle comfort.

  • May support the release of tobacco use and cravings.

  • Stimulating, energizing, and empowering.

  • Combats feelings of fatigue and increases concentration.

Sensation Massage Oil

  • Inspires and encourages feelings of romance + youthfulness.

  • Beautifully blended fragrances of Geranium, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Corriander, and Bergamot. Leaves your your skin feeling smooth + soft.

  • Get it here, using my referral link.


Using essential oils is a simple way to process our emotions and be more open to giving and receiving love. Use this DIY recipe when you're ready to be intimate with your partner to enhance the experience (we recommend rolling it along the spine or inner thighs, avoiding delicate areas) or daily as a perfume to help in releasing negative emotions and patterns.

Snag a pretty glass or steel bottle (or re-use an old, clean massage oil bottle from Young Living; avoid other plastic bottles, please), adding in some other festive recipe cards in a cute box from the dollar store for a thoughtful gift for a bride-to-be or mama looking to get her groove back. Remember to make some for yourself, too!


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