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Releasing the Pressure Off Your Cooking

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Find success in converting your traditional recipes for use in a pressure cooker with these five simple tips.

Oven to Pressure Cooker

Following a recipe that uses an oven? Lower the cook times for meat by 1/3 to 2/3 .

Less Liquid

A tight seal on the lid means little to no evaporation of liquids while cooking, so take it easy with broths and such or you could end up with a dish that is too watery or lacks flavor. But! At least one cup of liquid is necessary to create steam you need for the cooking process and to avoid burning so make sure it's in there before you turn it on.

Give Me Space

To build the pressure necessary to cook, don’t cram in your ingredients. Two-thirds full is a good "safe zone," but stick to only half if you are making any type of grain, pasta or legume since they plump up while cooking.

Wary of Dairy

Add dairy ingredients AFTER your recipe is done in the pressure cooker; throwing them in before can make them curdle because of high temps. Grody! The only exception to this rule is when you’re making yogurt with the yogurt function.

Release the Pressure

Use the "natural release" option to release the pressure for most recipes, like pasta, meat, oatmeal, etc., but if you’re working with vegetables or other items you want to avoid over-cooking, use that "quick pressure" option to let the steam out quickly.


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