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Powerful + Plant-Based Cleaner

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Want an incredibly concentrated, versatile plant-based cleaner that does it all and is even safe for kids to clean with? (By the way, what do you have to bribe your kids with to get them to help clean?)

Well, say goodbye to harsh chemicals and toxin-infused household products. Say hello to Thieves!

Thieves Household Cleaner gives you a deep clean when scrubbing, degreasing, spot cleaning, dusting, and more—all without harsh chemicals. It has a spicy-sweet aroma and is great to use around everyone in your family, including pets.

Thieves Household Cleaner has replaced EVERY SINGLE CLEANER in our home. Yep, every dang thing!

From toilet bowl scrubs to windows and, floors, carpets, walls, countertops, our shower, & appliances...even stainless steel. All replaced with Thieves Household Cleaner.

The Most Popular Bathroom Cleaner

vs. Thieves Concentrated Household Cleaner

With all these crazy germs floating around, I am making sure to keep a backup of all of my Thieves products around; this is obviously no exception. You may even want to have a small spray bottle of this in your purse to spray down surfaces when you're out and about (grocery store carts, restaurant tables, airline armrests and table trays, hotel doorknobs and TV remotes, etc.).

You may be asking yourself, "IS THIEVES CLEANER EFFECTIVE?” Well, it cleans up raw chicken juice (watch this video) along with amazing results from a host of other experiments. And when you research the ingredients, you'll find out how powerful it is. Yeah, it’s EFFECTIVE.

So why would anybody choose the one that's more expensive, has all those harmful long-term side effects, short-term irritants, and the one that contains cancer-causing ingredients? It's time to make a switch and choose Thieves instead.


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