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Our Favorite Mother's Day Gifts

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Mother's Day is coming. One study shows the average person spends $75 on the holiday, but there's a chance Mom might be satisfied with you spending less. Here are the top five things Mom may really want:

  • Something with a sentimental meaning.

  • Brunch.

  • A homemade item.

  • A family trip.

  • A card.

And we're going to share a few of our favorite gifts for Mom - for her special day in May or for any day! We're sharing products we love, plus some places you can shop online for Orange County locals or national delivery.

(Note: Because of restrictions due to COVID-19, processing and shipping times may take longer than usual. We recommend placing any orders - to be delivered or for pick up - as soon as possible to get Mom her gifts on or before Mother's Day this year.)


Favorite Florals

Local: Moss Flowers & Garden | Newport Beach, CA

They make beautiful arrangements in various sizes and use different containers to add unique flairs to each arrangement.

National: Farmgirl Flowers has bouquets with candy-colored blooms or minimal colors, all mixed with flowers that feel extravagant.


Favorite Products to Wrap Her in Love

Throw Love Like It's Confetti: West Elm Cotton Knit Throw

With different sizes and colors to complement her living room or bedroom, your mom can imagine a sweet hug from you whenever she wraps up. Featuring a tightly woven seed stitch, it's a soft + lightweight layer for all seasons. When it's not in use, it's easy to fold or she can simply toss it on the sofa or at the end of the bed.

The One the World is Talking About: Gravity Blankets

Using a weighted blanket may help your sweet mama sleep longer and spend less time awake in the middle of the night. Plus, she can also wake up feeling more refreshed the next morning. Better sleep helps us feel happier, deal with stress better, and even plays a part in keeping our waistlines trimmer. With a premium micro-fleece duvet cover, this luxe version is a dream come true.


Favorite Products to Pamper

Better Than a One + Done Facial: Sheerlume Skin Brightening Cream Moisturizer

After attending Beauty School in 2017, I came home convinced that any skin of any age needs the Sheerlumé! For mature skin, Sheerlume' is an amazing addition to brighten and even skin tone - especially if you have dark spots, have been in the sun a lot, or just need to smooth your skin's appearance.

For younger skin, this is KEY to keeping your skin even and preventing any darkening of your skin in patches with age. A lot of people use it after washing, toning, and applying the ART Serum.

Skin brightening products have been become all the rage recently because of their ability to make the skin on the face and hands lighter, thus helping remove the appearance of some skin problems, including the dreaded “age spots” or “liver spots.” Skin brighteners can also create a more youthful, dewy appearance.

The problem with most of the skin brighteners and whiteners on the market is that their active ingredient is hydroquinone or even mercury! (Hello heavy metal poisoning! YIKES!) The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics refers to hydroquinone as “one of the most toxic ingredients used in personal care products.” Young Living is committed to using only safe ingredients in our products and you can rest assured that this brightening formula contains none of those toxic or harsh chemicals.

Sheerlumé is a Light to Medium moisturizer, PACKED with essential oils, and has a light texture. Many people choose it for their daily light moisture instead of ART Light. It takes only the tiniest amount and can last up to 8 months.

Pro Tip: If you are using the Beauty Serum, you would let it dry completely before applying your final step, your Sheerlumé moisturizer.

*Use referral number 2938899 when you order to receive exclusive offers + support.

Even the best of kids can cause Mom to stress and lose sleep at one time or another. Pay Mama back with giving her a roller that helps her release the worries of the day, the tension in her body, and allows her to catch all the Zzzs she wants.

This roll-on helps create a peaceful environment, relaxes the body + mind, and smells so beautiful it can be worn as a perfume throughout the day to diffuse and stressors that may come her way. Completely free of THC, this is available to be shipped to all 50 states and is available in 300mg or 600mg CBD.

*Use referral number 2938899 when you order to receive exclusive offers + support.

The Every Day Spa Experience: Welcome Home Bundle

Give the gift of the world's best essential oils. Grapefruit to uplift, Lemon to purify the air, Frankincense to smooth the skin, Lime to invigorate the mind + body, Peppermint to awaken, Tangerine to tighten the appearance of pores, Lavender to focus + calm, and Valor to strengthen emotions.

When you help get your mom signed up with her own Welcome Home Bundle, she'll also get her own wholesale discount. Message me or the person who shared this post with you and we'll walk you through how you can gift Mom this bundle + discount (no additional fees apply), and we'll connect you and your mom with more ways to use the oils in the bundle. If your mama doesn't have her own diffuser yet, we'll show you how you can add on a diffuser to this bundle - or you can check out the Premium Starter Bundle that includes 12 essential oils and a diffuser. Not sure these are the best fit for your mom? Ask us how you can create your own Custom Starter Bundle with products specific to fit her needs.

*Use referral number 2938899 when you order to receive exclusive offers + support.


When you invest in your wellness, you're not alone - we're here to walk alongside you as we grow in wellness, purpose, and abundance. Together, we'll help you find answers to your questions and build lasting relationships along the way.

We're here to pay it forward. A friend helped empower us and now we're here to share what we've learned so you can make the best choices for you and your family, too!

Start by claiming your free guide, like Simple Self Care for Caregivers. You can also head over to learn more about why it's important for us all to become educated consumers.

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