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A Healthy School Year Starts at Home

Updated: Jan 11

Bath bombs. They can do so much more for you than be just a fun addition to bathtime. When you use my recipe, these treats for the bath will turn your bathroom into spa with how yummy they smell AND give your immune system the support it needs for having a healthy school year! They're safe for the whole family to use, so get those kids in the tub and save some for yourself, too.

Watch the video below to get all the deets on this bath bomb recipe and see how easy it is to make them at home with a few simple and natural ingredients you can get delivered straight to your door (message me to grab my referral code + a discount).

I will say that the larger your mold is, the better your fizz will be in the tub. If you have kiddos who are more apt to bathe their kid stank off because it's fizzing and fun, grab those big round metal molds. You won't be able to make as many bath bombs at once as you will with the silicone molds like what I used in my recipe, but each will be a fizzier bomb.

Have fun whipping these up...and have even more fun using them!


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