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Using Essential Oils in the Nursery

Once you start seeing how effective Young Living's essential oils are for yourself, you'll want to share them with everybody, including sweet babies! Using oils in a way that is safe for their sensitive systems is important.

First: Quality Matters

Stop. Please, please, please: do not go to your local health store (or Target or the dollar store) and buy just any oil! I'm just trying to keep you from making some of the mistakes I did + save you from frustration and wasting time and money.

Do your own research into the company's practices + testing to know exactly what's in the bottle. It does you no good to want to incorporate natural products into your home by accidentally bringing in something that's synthetic and has toxins in the bottle. Here are some really great Questions to Ask Your Essential Oil Company to find the company that best fits your values + the needs of your family. Toxic overload in our littles starts even before they're born and continues to build throughout their lives, causing all sorts of health issues; we have the power to turn that around!

Check out this infographic to guide you through using essential oils on and around babies, safely.

Getting Started

Ready to get the absolute best essential oils into your home? I'm here to help make it super simple for you. When you use my referral link to get your wholesale discount or retail account set up, you'll be joining a community of support to walk alongside you on your journey. We have GORGEOUS resources to help you learn at your own pace and take the overwhelm out of navigating clean lifestyle choices.

Where do you start? Choose the starter bundle that's best for you. My recommendations are the Premium Starter Kit with the Desert Mist diffuser (12 oils to get you a great start on head-to-toe wellness + Thieves Hand Sanitizer, Thieves Spray, and 2 full-size NingXia Red samples) or the Thieves Premium Starter Kit (household and personal care products for the bathroom, kitchen, and the only cleaner you'll ever need - all with the power of Thieves). You'll want to click "yes" when it asks if you'd like to use the kit as your first Essential Rewards (ER) order because that will give you free shipping + $10 back in store credit. Curious about how much store credit you can earn with our Essential Rewards program? You only pay for the full-size products YOU choose - no monthly or yearly membership fees. Click here for more info.

Message me with any questions you have as you go through the process; I am happy to give you my number and we can text or chat so I can walk you through the process step-by-step and I can help you set up your next ER order so it targets your specific health and household needs. Once you're done, message or text me confirm that you're all set and I'll some more of the best diffuser recipes for this time of year. I am so excited for you!

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