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Overall Health, Longevity, and Youthful Skin

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

It’s no secret that small, daily actions are the key to overall health and longevity. Doing good things consistently makes a huge health impact, so here's a simple swap that you can make to your supplement routine to cultivate great health and kiss wrinkles goodbye!

Skincare Swap: Anti-Aging Products for Longevity Vitality

The powerhouse of antioxidants in the Longevity blend can do amazing things for our health and also for our skin! Use this blend in a capsule daily for a month and see the results for yourself. You’ll get even better results when paired with topical use of the CBD Beauty Boost for amazing wrinkle-erasing results, naturally!

Just One Drop of Longevity Vitality...

  • Has an herbaceous, warm, spicy, thyme-like aroma

  • Helps support normal immune function when combined with a healthy lifestyle

  • Helps support overall wellness

  • Pairs well with ImmuPower and Thieves

  • When taken internally, helps protect the body from oxidative damage


This blend is a health powerhouse. Each oil plays a vital role in health and wellness, but the addition of Frankincense and Clove essential oils make it one we always keep in our daily routines. Longevity Vitality essential oil blend combines Thyme, Orange, Clove, and Frankincense and supports a healthy immune system and overall wellness when taken internally.

  • Frankincense has been studied for so many health-benefiting properties and we can't share everything here, so search on your own for studies on ‘frankincense’ or ‘boswellia’.

  • Clove essential oil is high in the constituent eugenol, which boasts well-documented, health-supporting properties. It supports our brains, hearts, lungs, immune systems, and basically the body as a whole.

Daily Habits

  • Add it to NingXia Red, Slique Tea, or Steeped Vitality teas.

  • Put it in a capsule and take it daily or as desired.

  • Apply this oil over the front of the throat, over the liver, or any other location as desired.

Diffuse Longevity

Diffusing is a wonderful health habit! We have our diffuser going almost 24/7 and love to choose blends that are supportive of individual needs or systems. Try these blends with Longevity...

  • Morning Sunrise: 6 drops Lemon + 4 drops Longevity

  • Wellness Boost: 5 drops Longevity + 3 drops Oregano + 3 drops Cinnamon Bark

  • Raindrop: 4 drops Longevity + 2 drops each Oregano, Basil, Peppermint

Note: Longevity and Longevity Vitality

are the same essential oil blend inside the bottles, simply labeled for different uses.

Longevity is labeled for topical & aromatic use.

Longevity Vitality is labeled for ingestion.

Key Constituents

*Constituents are naturally occurring compounds in plants (and therefore essential oils) that give them specific health-supporting properties.

  • Thymol

  • Limonene

  • Para cymene

  • Eugenol

  • Alpha pinene

Product Options

  • Longevity Essential Oil Blend

  • Longevity Vitality Essential Oil Blend

  • Longevity Capsules

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