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The Best Rewards for Your Everyday Shopping

This. This is how my family spends less money now than we spent before we made the switch to totally toxin-free products. We started shopping almost exclusively through Young Living for all of our household products - dish soap, hand soap, supplements, protein powder, baby wipes, laundry detergent, essential oils where one drop is all you need to support sooo many things...

Sure, you can get that credit card from The Red Dot store and earn 5% back on your might even be able to get bonus discount coupons...but what about STARTING at 10% back in store credit and quickly earning up to 25% back (regardless of dollars spent) PLUS snag things like free shipping and hundreds of dollars a year in free, full-size favorites + exclusive products? It's time to ditch the toxic ingredients...ditch the lame rewards offers...and embrace truly clean products for a healthier home with unparalleled rewards for loyal shoppers!

What is Loyalty Rewards?

Loyalty Rewards is the new name of Young Living's Loyalty Rewards program (formerly known as Essential Rewards) that rewards you with every subscription order! If you're already ordering Young Living products, take advantage of our Loyalty Rewards program to score big on reward points and benefits.

How do I qualify for Loyalty Rewards?

Every month you spend at least 50 PV (point value) on subscription, you earn reward points that can be redeemed for product purchases! Plus, as your number of consecutive months with 50+ PV subscription orders increases, so does the amount of reward points you earn! 1. Set up a monthly Subscribe to Save order of 50 PV or more. 1. Earn reward points with each subscription order. 1. Redeem reward points on future product purchases.

The longer you subscribe, the more points you earn!

You will receive reward points based on a percentage of PV (point value) for each subscription order that is 50+ PV. The percentage you receive depends on how many consecutive months you have qualified for Loyalty Rewards. There is no limit to the amount of points you can earn in a month.

  • Months 1–3: 10 percent of PV back in reward points

  • Months 4–24: 20 percent of PV back in reward points

  • Months 25+: 25 percent of PV back in reward points

How Do I Earn The Loyalty Gift?

You earn additional Loyalty Gifts depending on how long you've been consecutively subscribed. If you stay subscribed, you'll earn a gift at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months. Each gift has a higher value, and the 12-month gift will repeat every 12 months if you stay consistently subscribed.

For more on Loyalty Rewards check out the Young Living FAQ Page.

Ready to Earn Your Own Rewards and Try the World's Best Essential Oils + Oil-Infused Products?

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