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Simple Ways to Scent Your Home

Young Living has given us an easy button, yet again! If you want to scent your home every season with clean ingredients but don't want to mess with recipes and multiple bottles of essential oils, THIS is your jam.

These are all-natural (read: no synthetics or lab-created nonsense and zero toxins used at every stage of the process), making it easy for you to replace the toxins that traditional candles, plug-ins, and sprays bring…without actually having to give up your yummy fall scents! If you don’t know what toxins I’m talking about, read Shedding a Light on Candles or learn how to Become an Educated Consumer.

Let’s compare the cost for 30 hours of “burn” time…

  • Simplified Fall Collection: $3.90

  • Leading Candle Co.: $24.50

Score, right? Now you know you can afford the good stuff! Head here to get your Simplified Fall Collection before it’s sold out (the Summer 2022 collection was gone in less than a day) + for a limited time you can get a diffuser for just $6* along with other welcome goodies from me! Plus, you'll be plugged into our community of resources, education, and support, making it super simple to make any changes you see fit for you and your family.

Which scent are you most excited to try first?

*Limited time offer; while supplies last. Available through my referral link only for new or returning customers who haven't ordered within the last 12 months with the Simplified Fall Collection 2022 + diffusers pictured.

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