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Four Festive Recipes for November

With all the yuck going on in the world, it's time to kick our Recipe of the Month (note: singular) up a notch and share four (FOUR!), helping us to focus even more on the positives around us and creating an atmosphere of gratitude.

Grab some foaming soap dispensers and festive stickers...add dropper tops to old, clean oil bottles that you've mixed up your favorite diffuser blend in (remove the old labels first - Lemon essential oil works great for this)...put them together in a festive package and you've got a great gift to bless others with!

There are also huge wellness benefits to adding Vitality essential oils to your food; fruit juice doesn't have the same beneficial constituents in it to support your body like these oils do! For instance, three of the many benefits are: Lemon supports healthy digestion and has amazing cleansing properties, while orange supports emotional well-being. Our Citrus Cranberry sauce recipe is sure to please every palate and has less sugar than canned variaties.

Pro Tips

#1 - Ditch the Chunk: For a smoother sauce, cook well and then blend your sauce with a hand mixer or food processor to desired consistency prior to adding your Vitality essential oils.

#2 - Quick + Festive Appetizer: Slice a wheel of brie and bake it in the oven until gooey. Remove from oven and pour some cranberry sauce over it; serve with toasted baguette pieces or crackers.

Curious about ingesting essential oils? Did you know that Young Living has a whole line of essential oils labeled for ingesting and supplement use? You can read more about ingesting essential oils safely here, as not all things labeled as "essential oils" are created equally.

*Note of Correction: When making the cranberry sauce, please do not add all ingredients together over heat. First, allow the sauce to cool before adding your essential oils as too much heat can damage some of the beneficial chemical constituents in the oils.

Also, be sure to only use glass, stainless steel, or ceramic when cooking or storing food with essential oil ingredients.


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