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Essential Beauty Serum

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Cooler temps during winter months paired with outdoor activities - like hitting the slopes - got your face feeling dry, itchy, and maybe a bit tight? Use this beauty serum that includes skin-loving essential oils like Blue Cypress and Lavender, known for their ability to restore the skin’s natural moisture balance.

And Young Living's Essential Beauty Serum is seriously heavenly. While its dry skin formula moisturizes dehydrated skin, it also works to protect, strengthen, and nourish the skin without leaving it feeling heavy or oily - this makes it perfect for all skin types! It's super easy to use. Simply add 3–5 drops to your fave toxin-free daily moisturizer and apply over your face and neck in a gentle upward motion. You can also apply it directly onto your skin (like I do). My routine is to apply this serum, then a little dab of Rose Ointment, then I apply my Savvy Minerals makeup. My face doesn't dry out during the day and feels oh-so-soft and nourished.

From ingredients like Lycium Barbarum (Wolfberry) Seed Oil to fight free radicals and help your skin look youthful, to calming Commiphora Myrrha† (Myrrh) Oil to combat redness, your skin will thank you for all the love you're giving it using Essential Beauty Serum every day.


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