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Product Spotlight: Prenolone + Body Cream

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Prenolone + is a natural moisturizer containing Ylang Ylang and Clary Sage essential oils to nourish the skin. These oils do a lot more for our bodies that I cannot (FDA compliantly) tell you about, so grab yourself a reference guide (our favorites are available on the Life Science Publishing site) or head to DuckDuckGo to search their benefits and why these essential oils may do a body good for more than just nourished skin.

Here's What We Can Share

Over time (you know, for those who get older and don't perpetually stay at 35 no matter how many years pass) we need support for our hormones - testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone - all of of which come naturally from pregnenolone.

What is pregnenolone?

It’s a chemical found in our bodies needed for increasing energy, to improve immunity, for skin support, memory support, for handling occasional stress, and much more. Some make a synthetic version in a lab (YUCK) while others use a naturally derived pregnenolone (YAY, Young Living!). Plus, this cream contains DHEA.

What is DHEA?

DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone - DuckDuckGo it!) is a hormone produced by your body’s adrenal glands.

Scientists know that DHEA functions as a precursor to male & female sex hormones with production peaking in your mid-20s. After that, production begins to decline, which is why our bodies need the support!

The low-down on this cream? It’s a broad-spectrum cream that supplies support for both men & women and contains pregnenolone and DHEA. You can come to some

of your own conclusions and do some sweet research to learn more.

Usage Guide

Massage ¼ tsp. on soft areas of the body such as underarm, thighs, abdomen, back of knees, or neck. Rotate the application site daily (meaning that you should apply it to a different area than the day before). Apply for three weeks, then rest one week before beginning again.

Tips for Women

Begin use one day after menstrual cycle begins and you'll be a happy camper. Even when we're not menstruating anymore, our bodies still go through a cycle and can use support.

Extra Credit Learning

Dr. Sharnael & Dr. JB have a great video about hormones for you to check out on YouTube.


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