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Simple solutions to everyday needs for the wellness of your body, mind, and soul. Together, we inspire progress, not perfection.

You are here because you're a valued member of our oily community or because one of our members loves you so much they want you to experience the goodness of essential oils + toxin-free living. My name is Becky Wheeler and I started at the beginning, looking for solutions to help our special-needs son sleep

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through the night, 100% naturally...for stronger immune systems + less visits to waiting rooms...for effective cleaning without the toxic chemicals...for support for our health while several family members were battling cancer.


Now, we've kicked toxins out of our home + have solutions at our fingertips. Our wellness is forever changed! And now we're taking control of our time + finances while we help others experience healthier living. I'm here to walk alongside you on your journey so you can meet your wellness goals. As a Silver leader with a growing team, I coach those who dare to dream big connect to more purpose and abundance, too.

How can I be of service to you today?

Access our member-exclusive resources when you register as a user on our website (this saves you from having to type in a password on every page + every visit).


We'll see ya in there!

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