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Mind & Body Rejuvenation
for the Productive Modern Office
Help your business succeed by promoting
greater productivity, lower costs, & higher employee morale.
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Targets cognitive health,

function, & acuity

for precision of work.

Addresses the

physical needs associated

with the workplace.

Promotes a peaceful work environment and helps employees release stress.

Boosts in Employee Morale
Greater Productivity
Lower Costs

Employee pride, trust, and commitment increase, contributing to a vigorous organization.

Utilizing a wellness program is a strategic imperative for your business.

Gain an 8% increase in employee productivity. - National Business Group on Health, 2005

Fewer employee absences, an increase in productivity, and a lower employee turnover rate.

A healthy workplace is a productive workplace.

From supplements to immune-boosting personal care products, your employees will receive a wellness box every month with a select variety of natural products targeted for exactly what your employees need to look and feel their best so they can work productively.

Your employees' first month's delivery includes eleven select essential oils to address a wide variety of needs. Each member of our program also receives a diffuser, monthly newsletter, easy to follow handbook, and online resources for simple ways to use every product they receive.

Each employee's monthly wellness box is automatically processed &  shipped direct to their front door every month.

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