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About Face: What Your Skin is Saying About Your Health

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Late night? Too much junk food over the weekend? Are you super-stressed at work?

No matter how you try to hide it, the skin on your face isn't going to cover for you.

Sometimes we know why our skin is looking the way it is and we can make some simple lifestyle adjustments...but what about when you're experiencing dry patches or sudden patches of blemishes and you're not sure why?

Our bodies know exactly how to operate. The symptoms we see or feel are our body's way of telling us that something is up...a little white, yellow, or red flag, if you will. It is super important that we pay attention to what our body is trying to tell us and address the cause of a symptom rather than just trying to cover it up! Supplements, ditching toxins + using natural products, and essential oils are such a wonderful tool in supporting our bodies to work efficiently in a natural way. This goes for the symptoms we see on our faces, too!

Check out this face map for some guidance as to where the “problem area” or symptom on your face might really be coming from. Then, let's chat about addressing each systems' needs, supporting their overall wellness and healthy functions!

Graphic Credit: Unknown

Graphic Credit: Unknown

Did you find your number(s)? Let's learn about what body system is needing some TLC based on the symptoms our faces are giving us - and what we can use to do something about it.


1 & 2: Digestive System

Recommended Supplements: Cleansing Trio, DiGize Vitality, Life 9

3: Liver

Recommended Supplements: JuvaTone, Multigreens, JuvaFlex Vitality

4 & 5, 7 & 8: Kidneys

Recommended Supplements: K&B, Digest & Cleanse, GLF Vitality

6: Heart

Recommended Supplements: OmegaGize 3, Longevity, MegaCal

9 & 10: Respiratory System

Recommended Supplements: Detoxyme, ImmuPro, Essentialzyme

11 & 12: Hormones

Recommended Supplements: Thyromin, CortiStop, Super B

13: Stomach

Recommended Supplements: AlkaLime, Essentialzymes-4, Digest & Cleanse

14: Immune System

Recommended Supplements: NingXia Red, Inner Defense, Mineral Essence

Learn more about these what makes these supplements so awesome in one of our in-person or online workshops. Message me and I'll get you your invite. When you're ready to get started, use my referral link to place your order of 50PV or more + mention this blog post to get a $10 product credit toward your next order!


When you invest in your wellness, you're not alone - we're here to walk alongside you as we grow in wellness, purpose, and abundance. Together, we'll help you find answers to your questions and build lasting relationships along the way.

We're here to pay it forward. A friend helped empower us and now we're here to share what we've learned so you can make the best choices for you and your family, too!

Start by claiming your free guide, like 5 Steps to Healthy Living or 7 Delicious Meals in 20 minutes or Less. You can also head over to learn more about why it's important for us all to become educated consumers.


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